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Where Children are Safe and Happy

'Even though we are all different, together we can make a masterpiece'
Children's Motto 

Where every child knows they are special and safe

At Braywood we believe that there are many areas of learning outside the National Curriculum, in particular personal, moral, spiritual and social development. All staff share the responsibility for pastoral care. 

Braywood aims to provide an education which is sensitive to individual needs and accessible to all children regardless of sex, race, religion, belief or disability. These are our protected characteristics which are successfully respected in our inclusive ethos. The school seeks to promote awareness, understanding and respect for the diversity of cultures within our world. We value and celebrate the contributions and achievements made by all individuals whatever their backgrounds, culture, beliefs or gender.

Within a community, rules are essential. These are mostly matters of common sense and to ensure the safety of our children. The emphasis in the school is to praise good behaviour, attitude and effort and increase children’s awareness of the need to make a positive contribution to their community. When sanctions are necessary they will be appropriate to the child and the incident.

From the UNICEF Children's Rights we compose our class charters where children understand (for example) they have the right to learn in class, but the responsibility to allow other to do the same. We have 3 essential rues ...are you being RESPECTFUL, SAFE and READY?

We have high expectations of all our pupils to achieve their potential and we engage in strategies to overcome potential barriers to learning. Pupils with special educational needs are catered for within the classroom through a range of support strategies by trained staff or professions. All children with special educational needs have equal access to the curriculum.

We encourage the children to play a positive role in the life of the school and to develop a sense of self worth. We teach them about rights and wrongs and they learn that they can make a difference. Bullying is not tolerated within our school and there is a set procedure to identify and deal with this.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding behaviour at Braywood both inside and outside of school, We have a school charter which encompasses the UNICEF Articles of Rights for Children. These behavioural standards are upheld in every class, by every staff member and promoted wherever our pupils are learning.

At every stage of a child's education at Braywood we keep everyone safe and maintain everyone's wellbeing. Staff are well trained and we understand how to support a child through difficult times through our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants. We have a very nurturing ethos for all. All staff have a clear understanding of how to safeguard our whole community. 

“Pupils joining the school settle quickly because their needs are accurately identified. As one parent wrote, I have found this school very supportive of my child and my family. They are aware of the pressures of modern living.‟ Transition arrangements between Reception and Year 1 and Year 4 and middle school are excellent.”.

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