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Understanding the IPC

International Primary Curriculum 
At Braywood we use the International Primary Curriculum as a base for teaching our topic subjects such as History, Geography, Art and DT. We do include PE and Science into our topic work but these subjects are also taught discreetly. It is an exciting curriculum with motivational areas of study which interest young, curious learners. Wherever possible work extends on a global stage where children are able to contemplate life other than their own. We also have established links to The Lebanon (previously) and recently Burkina Faso which complement IPC philosophies.
Topic work often starts with a 'knowledge harvest' which is a process whereby we discover what we know about a specific topic area and a 'Wow' day where we plan an exciting event to launch our topic e.g. tasting or making chocolate for our Chocolate topic. Parents are kept well informed of the work taking place in the classroom and there is some form of presentation at the end of a topic where parents are invited into school to see what we have achieved. A child's success is recorded in their end of year report and on our assessment platform.