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Our Christian Vision and Ethos

 "For with God, nothing is impossible" 
Luke 1:37

 Our Vision at Braywood 

 "Through the nurturing hands of God, we aspire for all our children to become confident, emotionally resilient and compassionate individuals who achieve personal excellence through strength of character and a love of learning" 

Our vision is effective, rooted in the history of our school and is lived out in our school’s ethos. It is fully established, distinctively Christian and has evolved over the years. It encapsulates our Christian values, our children’s motto and biblical references because they are all inter-related. It is clear, visual for all to understand, relevant to our needs and progressive.

Each class plays their part in this vision and as they grow through the school, they know that they grow from ‘little acorns’ to mighty oaks, watered and nurtured by God's love’.  Our vision informs and impacts our character, our attitudes towards excellence and our inclusivity. Each class has a story from the bible that explains their Christian values. Our overall parable ‘loaves and fishes’ outlines how a child with strength of character can achieves an amazing outcome. ‘for with God, nothing is impossible’. This is echoed in the children’s statement where 'together we achieve a masterpiece’ and the vehicle to success is our Christian values. 

Christian Values 

Family and Friendship for the Little Acorns 

Love and Respect for the Mighty Acorns

Courage and Determination for the Rising Oaks 

 Forgiveness and integrity for the Oaks 

Ambition and Resilience for the Mighty Oaks 

Faith and Self-discipline

Our vision underpins everything that we strive towards at Braywood. Our school is a community based upon resilience, compassion and togetherness. Young people are inspired by our ethos which promotes courteous, considerate and well-behaved children for whom we are renowned. We have a fundamental 'family' atmosphere which is reflective of the good relationships which exist between parents, staff and the children. Care is taken to respect the distinct personality of each child and to encourage attitudes favourable for their social and emotional growth.

Our vision is part of our distinctiveness and what makes us a Church of England school. It gives us a direction to our school. Although we are a Church of England controlled school, we welcome all children irrespective of their parents’ beliefs. We respect and learn more about all religions. As a school we are part of the Bray Parish and have very strong links to St Michael's Church in Bray. Revd Ainsley is a huge part of our school life. A link to his website can be found below. 

"The strength of the school is the way in which it nurtures the children. The quality of care is rooted in Christian values which emphasis the uniqueness of every individual. Parents speak of the school’s Christian ethos and this is, for some, the reason for choosing this particular school for their children. They find staff approachable, sensitive to the needs of their pupils and fully committed to a high standard of education."

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools