How can I help my child?

It is very important to support your child with their homework and show them that you realise that it is key to their success. Children may enjoy doing their homework or they may protest but if parents are careful to set rules and high expectations children will soon adopt a healthy approach towards learning outside of school.

Homework is set across the school. We aim to 

  • Raise achievement of all pupils 
  • Promote positive attitudes to work and school
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding across the curriculum
  • Encourage and develop independent laerning
  • Increase self discipline
  • Develop the home-school partnership

 A variety of types of homework are used depending on the age and ability of the pupils. These include

  • Reading, learning spellings, multiplication tables and mental arithmatic tasks
  • Completion of class work, research on a familiar/new topic
  • Revision for a test

​A timetable providing information on when and how often homework is sent out on a termly basis.