Our Curriculum

What curriculum is my child being taught?

Every year we have three classroom meetings and usually one curriculum evening to help demonstrate the curriculum we are teaching the children at Braywood. These are tied up with our Mums and Dads into school Days and all are opportunities to learn more about what is happening in your child's classroom. It is quite common for a child to come home and say they can't remember what they did today. By keeping abreast of events that you know are happening you can engage your child in conversation and support him or her with their learning.

During the classroom meetings the teacher will outline the areas of learning your child will be covering this term and any specific requirements needed. They are very informative and are help at 8.45am to support working parents. Curriculum evening are usually at 7pm to enable as many parents to attend as possible or they are linked to our parents into school days. 

Below are our Curriculum plans for the whole school including our school timetable, the National Curriculum and our specific planning documents.