Class 4 - Mighty Oaks

Year 4 - Mighty Oaks 

Welcome to year 4! Wow, only one more exciting year at Braywood so make the most of it!!

In year 4, we continue with 'star of the week', reading awards, kindness rewards, merits and class monitors. Your responsibilities as year 4 monitors are very important this year as you are now head of the school. These include leading our daily 'collective worship', acting as play monitors in the playground, leading 'wake up and shake up', leading yoga in collective worship and collecting waste paper from around the school to recycle. A busy time for you!

Early on in year 4, you will be visiting the middle schools in Windsor with your parents. This is when the middle schools open their doors for you to have a look around and chat to the pupils and teachers. 

We continue with our exciting projects in year 4, perhaps visiting somewhere connected to the project, for example Heathrow Airport when working on an 'Airport' topic or Ufton Court when studying the Tudors. There will also be the opportunity to take part in P.E. tournaments, for example bench ball, rugby or cricket.

My motto for year 4 is 'play hard, work hard' and enjoy learning!!