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Data Protection

What are the General Data Protection Regulations?
Communication through our School Intranet
At Braywood we have our own school's intranet facilities through eschools which acts as a platform for safe communications, payment systems and a personal storage platform for all parents. Children can also share comments through this platform and the teachers share homework using this tool. 
The Internet at school is carefully monitored to ensure children are protected from inappropriate material. There is  general agreement that all parents at this school can take photographs or short video of performances, special events or competitions but these photographs should not be posted on social media unless permission is specifically given. If you are not in agreement with this policy please speak to the office staff. 
General Data Protection Regulations
"Data plays a key part within a modern educational system. It provides the opportunity to effectively monitor the progress of leaders. It allows evaluation within evidenced-based practice, and it provides the opportunity for huge efficiencies in how a school life operates."
Neil McIvor (Chief Data Officer, DfE)
Our school has too process a large amount of data about pupils and their families. This data includes contact details, pupil assessment data, characteristics such as ethnicity, SEND or other relevant medical information.
We process the data in order to: 
  • support our teaching and learning processes
  • monitor and report on pupil progress
  • provide appropriate pastoral care and 
  • assess how well the school as a whole is doing. 
This data can only be used for the specific purposes by law. The school may be required to pass on this information to various official agencies who will treat this day according to the Data Protection Act. 
The new GDPR forms the basis of this new process and below you will find our Privacy Notices, Data Map and Data Asset Register. Children and their families have certain rights under this Act and if you do have any questions do ask about the office.