Governing Body Achievements

Message from the Chair of Governors 

What an exciting year this has been! The governors are delighted with the achievements of the school this year. There are many highlights to share with the parents (as you will see below) but possibly the event that involved the whole school was the Royal Wedding. Alongside the whole of Windsor we had such a wonderful opportunity participating in a once in a lifetime event. The Year 4 pupils have written to the Royal family about this experience so we may even get a reply. 

Another highlight was the fact that the governors have achieved the ‘Excellence in Governance Award’ which will be displayed in the office next year. This has involved all the governors attending a range of training courses to further strengthen our skills and expertise. This is a great achievement. 

As a governing body we have had our ups and downs this year. The high points are the successes of the school over this year. The low point was the loss of our Chair. Julie Barber worked tirelessly for our school for more than 17 years. These are big shoes to fill. We are expecting to meet our new vicar Ainsley Swift who will be joining our governing body alongside two new community governors in September. There will be more information on these appointments on our website soon. 

What are we trying to improve? 

There are many priorities in our school development plan but these are the key features. 

  • To assess the impact our new Reading Scheme has on our reading standards and comprehension skills. Involve our parents more in the reading process. 
  • To focus even more on our basic mathematical facts such as number bonds and times tables.
  • Alongside our governors review how we assess our foundation subjects such as history, geography, art and DT in light of the new curriculum. 
  • Help children to develop the resilience to tackle all of life’s challenges through teaching Character Education and a positive mindset. 

The Reading Scheme kindly donated by the PTA has made a significant impact upon reading standards this year alongside the additional focus of number bonds and times tables. The government are introducing a times table test for Year 4 pupils from 2019-20. Mrs Calvert and governors are working together to review the assessment and moderation of all non-core subjects.

Chair of Governors