Come and visit our wonderful school including our NEW NURSERY. We have open mornings every Wednesday at 10am led by the Headteacher.

Make a Difference

How can you make a difference?

'Even though we are different, together we can make a difference'

Children's Motto

Pupil Parliament Meetings

We hold school council meetings which involve the whole school every term. These meetings are chaired by the Year 4 children who report their findings back to senior teachers or the Headteacher. The subjects covered are varied and involve the opinions of every single child in the school. 

Each child is placed in one of six 'houses' which represents students from all five year groups. These groups are not only used for the school council meetings, but form part of our school tournaments in PE. Friendly competitions are held to engender a healthy competitive spirit. 

Our groups are based upon the skills and fortitude of birds of prey. These are owls, falcons, kites, hawks, eagles and kestrels.

Eco Gang 

If you are part of the Eco gang you will be concerned with the sustainable issues of our school such as recycling. You will be involved in planting new shrubs, collecting recyclable items and conserving energy.