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School Meals

We are a healthy school

At Braywood, we are a healthy school and promote as many virtues of the child’s well-being as possible. Children have regular access to water during the day and they have fruit before break time. Providing a nutritional, balanced diet is a core value in our kitchen and also in our cooking lessons. We discuss in our PSHE and Science lessons the virtues of a healthy lifestyle, and in our PE lessons all children have regular physical exercise.

We firmly believe in promoting a sustainable lifestyle to the children. We recycle a wide range of materials, grow vegetables and look after and generally appreciate the charming grounds of the school.

There is a no smoking policy at Braywood and all parents, visitors and staff are requested not to smoke inside or outside the building.

A hot lunch cooked on the premises is available every day together with a drink. This can be ordered and paid for daily, weekly or monthly. There is an extensive menu with two or three choices. The children are asked which meal they would prefer every morning at registration.

From September 2014 all children in Year 2, 1 and Early Years are entitled to have a free school meal every day. 

Alternatively, children may bring a packed lunch into school. If children bring a packed lunch, please ensure there are no sweets, chocolate, chocolate spread or nuts inside their lunch box. Sweets, chewing gum and chocolate are not allowed in school at any time. We encourage children just to bring in one treat and they will be rewarded with a healthy food sticker if a lunchtime controller spots a healthy lunch. 

For health and safety reasons, the school operates a No Nuts policy due to an increasing number of our children having severe allergic reactions to nuts.

There are many lunchtime controllers supervising your children at lunchtimes. They will gently encourage your child to eat their meals. Please do not overfill your child's lunch box as children will be asked if they have eaten all their food, they only really need a savoury item, piece of fruit, small treat and a drink. Let the office staff know if your child has any specific requirements in this area.

Children who are entitled to free school meals or advice on these matters can be obtained from the school office. It is very beneficial to the school when parents claim if they are entitled to a free school meal. All enquires will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Below is a typical school menu.