Come and visit our wonderful school including our NEW NURSERY. We have open mornings every Wednesday at 10am led by the Headteacher.

Where Childhood is Valued


Putting learning and the learner at the heart of everything

Braywood is a very inclusive school that supports a diverse community. We foster a love of learning by removing the barriers to learning ensuring that everyone can achieve. From joining Reception all the way through to Year 4, we help our pupils develop the belief that they can achieve. This growth mind set is woven into all our work. Children are encouraged to engage in their learning regardless of ability despite their gender, ethnicity or cognitive ability.

Braywood has a rich, diverse and empowering curriculum which is fashioned upon attaining mastery across many subject areas. The curriculum is full of experiences that will offer children a wealth of cultural capital. Pupils are involved in setting their own targets and evaluating their work alongside their peers to help them understand their next step in learning. Children are treated as individuals receiving the direction and support they need in order to reach their goals and celebrate their successes and strengths. Character education and courageous advocacy is the cornerstone of our vision. Children need to be prepared for the challenges of the 21sr Century and to know that they can make a difference in this world. 

Learning behaviours are celebrated through as many ways as possible including special focus days, trips, visitors and regular family assemblies. Awards are used to congratulate the children in many fields. Homework is chosen to reflect what has been covered that particular week. Parents are invited to share the children’s work and it is also on an electronic platform to ensure clarity and transparency.

Children have a voice at Braywood. Our Pupil Parliament sessions enable every child to make a difference in their learning environment. Public speaking, performing on stage, leadership opportunities and competing, all support this goal. We aim for our children to be confident and independent – ready to fully embrace the wilder world yet still maintaining their own values and interests. Our ethos demonstrates that every voice is valued and that there is no limit to one's dreams.

Comment from Mums into School Day 

"We feel extremely lucky to be part of Braywood. and I can't imagine there are many schools as friendly, successful and well managed. Today was another reminder of just how lucky we are, as you gave us another opportunity to experience the environment our children thrive in every day at school. The only negative to having a child start ay Braywood is knowing that every school after has a lot to live up to!" 

Parents of Year 2 child.