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Equality Objectives

How does everyone achieve at Braywood?  

Equality objectives is about fairness and excellence for all. Equality of opportunity applies to all members of the school community pupils, governors, staff, parents and community members and at any time of the school day. We have a diverse community with high special education needs. To maintain our inclusivity, we need to continue to strive towards this goal. 

“In the most effective schools, the headteacher and governors establish a clear vision, rooted in an unwavering commitment to ensure the success of every pupil. Equality of opportunity is at the heart of this vision, with an insistence that all pupils will do well” Sir Michael Wilshaw

Our aims are designed to ensure that the school meets the needs of all, taking account of gender, disability and social circumstances.  It is important that we meet the diverse needs of pupils to not only  ensure inclusion for all, but to help children be prepared for full participation in the multi-ethnic society.

Protected Characteristics
The Equality Act 2010 protects pupils or prospective pupils from discrimination or being treated less favourably because of their:
  • Disability 
  • Ethnicity and race
  • Gender (sex)
  • Gender reassignment
  • Religion and belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Maternity, pregnancy, marriage, civil partnership
Below are our Equality Objectives for the next few years.