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What is happening in my child's classroom?

Every child is a learner 
Our curriculum, in its fullest sense, firmly underpins the vision and mission statements of Braywood CE First School, from which a culture and ethos is generated that supports the learning and achievement of all involved in the community. Our school is committed to ensuring that the curriculum has breadth, engagement and depth, in order that the needs of all children are provided for, whatever their gifts and talents.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure three things:

  • Our core subjects are taught with rigour, high expectations and the necessary support for all pupils to succeed. Aspirational pupils who have got the skills to grasp their future goals is our aim
  • The foundation subjects are interconnected and encourage lively enquiring minds, a love of learning and a growing understanding and knowledge of the world in which they live
  • Our pastoral curriculum that fosters confidence, emotional resilience, a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities that all encourage leadership skills, value-based success and strength of character.

 We believe that all children should feel clever and experience the feeling of accomplishment in a wide range of areas. Our curriculum therefore gives pupils an excellent mix of academic and personal development; it gives equal importance to core and foundation subjects; physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing are valued, understood and prioritised by our careful consideration of curriculum design. As a result, our pupils thrive.

We believe that intelligence is multi-faceted, and children learn in different ways. The curriculum must support this through providing an exciting and stimulating learning environment to facilitate children’s acquisition of knowledge, skills and specific qualities which will help them to develop into an independent, responsible, considerate and confident member of the community. We aim to ensure that religious education and spiritual, moral, cultural and social development will permeate every aspect of the curriculum, so that it is explicit and implicit within the taught curriculum. In the daily life at Braywood, children are supported, through the curriculum, to understand more about religion and spirituality.

The curriculum aims to meet the needs of all children whatever their individual requirements. We cater for the needs of individual children of both sexes from all ethnic and social groups, including the most able and those who are experiencing learning difficulties. We treat children in a dignified way. We enrich our curriculum with opportunities such as trips, visitors, concerts, tournaments and competitions in order to foster individual student’s strengths and offer different role models or opportunities to learn.

At Braywood all staff work hard to understand more about how children learn. Below are our learning behaviours, every one based upon a different set of research.