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Help your child with Maths

Help your child with Mathematics 

It is very important that children acquire a strong understanding of the key concepts of Mathematics at school as these key concepts will form the base on which all other learning is built. Parents can help greatly with this process by supporting the child on an everyday basis with key practical mathematical concepts.

At Braywood numerical concepts are taught as practically as possible to build secure learning understanding. We have an excellent programme based upon Abacus Maths and Singapore Maths which beautifully complement each other to support the learner. Applying Mathematical skills in a variety of relevant and progressive ways builds in complexity as the child moves through the school.

For more information about our curriculum in Mathematics see

On the Oxford Owl website you will find information on how to help your child with Mathematics.

The Abacus website will give you access to more information about our Maths scheme and some free electronic games.

The Maths Club link is for Year 2, 3 and 4. This club is our electronic maths homework club.