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Traffic and Road Safety

We care about everyone's safety

At Braywood we care about our local community and the impact we have on our neighbours. As a result we have drawn up a code of conduct which outlines the expected behaviour from our parents when they are outside of our school. This is merely an extension of the polite and courteous behaviours we extend to others when we are in the school environment. This document was written by our parents in consultation with our neighbours.

Certain behaviours are not acceptable at Braywood

  • swearing in front of the children
  • any form of physical abuse
  • shouting at another parent or a member of staff
  • handling a complaint in a rude or abrasive manner
We are a community who have to work together to maintain the sort of environment that our children would feel comfortable and confident within. This does extend to the local community and passing motorists. 
In the interests of the children's safety, parents are asked to park next to the pavement where the school is located and not on the zig zags, double yellow lines or passing places. Please park and drive with care and consideration for other road users. Do not park on the pavement as this makes it difficult for pedestrians and pushchairs to pass. 

Due to the fact that we have so few parking places, parents are asked not to park inside the school unless you are registered disabled. No bicycles, scooters or dogs are allowed in the playground. Children are supervised on the trim trail and outdoor gym equipment during school hours and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child is behaving appropriately and with due safety to others. For safeguarding reasons we ask that children do not use the trim trail at the end of the school day.