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Spiritual Growth for All

Our Spiritual Ethos is Fundamental

Everything is based upon our Christian Vision and Values 

‘Through the nurturing hands of God, we aspire for all our children to become confident, emotionally resilient and compassionate individuals who achieve personal excellence through strength of character and a love of learning.’

    ‘For with God, nothing shall be impossible’ Luke 1:37

Great importance is placed on our Christian ethos and how this forms the basis of our behaviours in school. They shape the Christian distinctiveness of our school and how through our Christian values and vision we can continue to move our school towards excellence. Children have time to think about the lessons Jesus taught us and apply them to their own lives. Each class has two values that reflects their social, moral and spiritual understanding and there are several areas of reflection throughout the school including the school grounds.  

Spiritual growth is defined as,
the process of developing self-identity, nurturing meaningful relationships with others and/or with a higher power, communing with nature, and recognising transcendence and unity.”

We want children to have spiritual experiences at Braywood. We want them to wonder at nature, be amazed at life and be moved by some of the special events and moments in the school day. This will help children to be courageous advocates for the future and strengthen the children's religious character. Supporting charities, sharing our Entrepreneurial Day, trips, visits and leadership opportunities all help children develop their identity and direction in life.

Collective Worship is a vehicle for every child's spiritual growth. There is a daily act of collective prayer for all pupils. It provides the opportunity for children to worship, to reflect on moral issues and explore their own beliefs and thoughts. We have close ties with St. Michael’s Church of Bray and the vicar regularly leads our collective worship. Parents are welcomed to our Family Assemblies to share with us our reflections and celebrations. The whole school are involved in a Harvest Service in school and a Nativity and Easter Service in St Michaels' church in Bray. These are special times when the children feel the warmth from the whole school community. 

Our Collective Worship is extremely popular and all children like to be together to share some time especially to sing. Parents do have a right under the 1988 Education Act to withdraw their child from RE or Collective Worship.

Our Christian Values 

Ambition & Resilience, Integrity & Forgiveness, Determination & Courage, Respect & Love

Friendship & Family , Self - Discipline & Faith