Mrs Calverts message

8th February 2022

Dear Parents, 

As we near half term, this email outlines a few points for your consideration. 

Half term is from Monday 21st February until Friday 25th February. We close on Friday 18th February between 1.30 and 2pm. 

There is a leaflet attached outlining a theatre day during the holidays. 

Thank you for all the support we had purchasing some new books for our reading scheme. We have managed to spend £2,000 thanks to the parents who gave to the 'Just Giving' page. We are not short of books, in fact we did a rough audit, and we have 7,500 books in school but over the past 10 years we have had 1,500 books that have been damaged, lost or just not returned to the school or library. We hope to spend another £1,500 on further books soon. 

As the numbers of Covid cases in the school recede slightly we do hope that after half term we can safely get back to ‘business as usual’. Please remember that if your child is displaying Covid symptoms that you should get a PCR test. We are hoping that most parents are testing their child twice a week and if their LFT displays a positive result then they need to isolate immediately. If they record two LFT that are negative on day 5 and 6 of their isolation and they do not have a temperature, then they can come back to school.

As we start to return to normal the children have enjoyed several trips this term and we have plans for an exciting March with Literacy, Maths and Science Days and our first Musical festival. Dr Bike will be in school teaching the Y4 children how to ride their bike safely and Fantastic Fred will be talking to the whole school about their emotional wellbeing. The Windsor Sports Partnership have been working with Y3 and 4 on heathy minds and bodies

There is a distinction between children who are ill and those we have Covid 19. Work is sent home if your child is ill because it is presumed that if they are ill then they are not well enough to do a lot of schoolwork. Remote work is for children who have been asked to stay at home to stop the spread of Covid especially if they have very few symptoms. Unless there are very extreme circumstances, children should be in school, and holidays taken during our frequent breaks. I am unable to authorise any absence that is not for exceptional events like funerals, to see a health professional etc.

When we come back after half term there will be some changes to the 'Grab ad Go' provision. Children will be collected from the front entrance and parents will be asked to come into the car park and reverse into allocated parking spots. This will allow vehicles to exit the school safely. This is only a trial. We also ask that parents let the school know by 2.30pm whether they would like to use the service in order to relay message to the relevant staff. 'Grab and go' will be for 25 minutes to bring it in line with 'Kiss and drop' 

More information will be in an email next week.

Kind regards

Susan Calvert