Visit to Ufton Court

27th November 2014

A diary written by Karina

Dear Diary

This morning I knew it was going to be freezing cold because I saw the frost on the grass through the cracks of the round house.

Next I quickly dressed in my long tunic dress and leather shoes before collecting fire wood and water from the stream for breakfast. It was so slippy on the way. We had porridge, Yum!

Edward was so excited because my father was taking him to teach him how to use the axe and to learn how to cut down a tree. Father, for a treat, let me help him with cutting down the tree. After hard work we walked back to the round house and cooked lunch but it was cabbage soup! I absolutely HATE cabbage soup but I ate it anyway because I was starving! It was warm and it was better than I thought.

After that filling lunch I asked my friend Anna to come and play with my dolls and practiced our juggling. Anna decided we should play fire stories. So we played it was quite fun. Anna won two times but I won three times. YES!

After all that playing I was so tired I walked Anna home. Then I heard mother call us for tea. We ate fresh fish. Edward caught it. It was my favourite meal ever. I ate it all.

Finally we sat around the fire and sang a few songs. O here I am in bed now writing this dairy and I’m really tired now so goodnight and see you tomorrow.