School Organisation

Things to remember

Please let us know in advance if your child needs picking up during the day and the reason why, you will need to sign them in and out at reception.

If you bring your child in late you will need to come into school via reception and sign them in.

If your child is ill please let us know as soon as possible by telephone, we can let their class teacher know.   We will need a written note explaining their absence on their return, this can be done by e-mail if you prefer via

If you need to take your child out of school during term ask us for a Holiday Request Form as you will need the Headteacher’s permission to do so.


School starts at 8.45. It is important that you child is punctual as the first few minutes of school are a very important time of the day. 

There are regular newsletters containing updates on events, news and administrative issues, such as club dates etc.  Other events are sometimes notified separately so it is worth checking your child’s book bags daily.  You can chose to receive this electronically by e-mail if this is more convenient. 

The PTA also has a regular bulletin, which is normally on yellow paper. 

Phone calls
You will be notified of any serious accident to your child as soon as possible by phone.  However you may be telephoned for a variety of reasons so no need to panic if we call.

We are required by law to ask for a wide range of information about your child, and in order to keep this up to date to ask again for the same data each year.  Please bear with us and also consider we probably did not design the form !  All information we hold is subject to data protection law and is confidential.

Leaving the school
We would be grateful if your child leaves Braywood for what ever reason that you put this in writing and let us know the name of their new school. This helps Admissions at the Town Hall and allows us to send your child’s progress file to the correct school.

Please park and drive with care and consideration for other road users.  Do not park on the pavement as this makes it difficult for pedestrians and pushchairs to pass.  Only disabled children can be dropped in the school car park during 8.25am to 4.30pm.  At especially busy times such as family assembly you may have to park some distance from the school.  Please speak to the office staff if you or your child has any mobility issues. We are always happy to help.