Little Acorns

Our Foundation Class - The Little Acorns

In Little Acorns you will learn to do a lot of things by yourself!

We have a lovely classroom full of toys and things to do and outside we have a forest and a trim trail, sandpit, water tray and outside toys. Each day we have helpers who are given very important jobs, like taking the register and making sure that everyone is ready for prayers. If you do something really well or if you are very kind and good at sharing you might go on Mrs. Ingram’s 'Superstar'. You can get lots of stickers for good work and for making the right choices during your time in school. Each week we choose a star of the week which is really special but you have to do something very special to get it!

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning we learn our phonics, which is the sound that letters make. This will help you to write and read. You will have a special yellow book which you can write in. We also do lots of fun maths work so that you can learn your shapes, recognise numbers and learn to add and take away.  We learn about many different things in the afternoons, including dinosaurs, castles, volcanoes, castles and our bodies. If you have something which you are very keen to learn more about you can tell Mrs. Ingram and she will help you and your friends to find out more about it.  We do lots of singing and dancing in Little Acorns and Mrs. Ingram will teach you French as well. Once a week you will have a music lesson by Mrs. Walker who is very kind and will teach you lots of new songs.  

You have a special bag for your PE kit and you will learn to change yourself for PE/gym which is great fun. At morning break, after your fruit and milk, you can play in the secret garden with your friends.  At lunchtime you can have a school dinner or a healthy packed lunch (no sweeties or fizzy drinks please) and then you go and play in the big playground and on our field in the Summer with the rest of the school.

You go home a bit earlier than the rest of the school at 2.45pm.