National Lockdown Information

5th January 2021

Dear Parents, 

Most of you will be aware that the whole country has been put into another national lockdown due to increasing coronavirus infection rates. I am sure there will be a lot of disappointed children this morning missing school and their friends. We have just had such a good autumn term, not just academically but pastorally. I can't remember a time when I saw so many happy faces! We will be mindful of this when we plan our remote learning schedule for the next 7 weeks. 

Teachers will be communicating with parents from today on a daily basis. The aim is to keep in regular contact not only to ensure that parents can maintain a predictable routine, but to support everyone's mental wellbeing. This, of course, is at every parent's discretion and homework can be administered daily, weekly or in any way that is suitable for your home situation. This is undeniably a challenging role for parents, and more so now we have to do it all again. 

Braywood is open for key workers and vulnerable pupils. If you want to take up this option, please inform the school of the days you would require this support. In the mornings, if parents ring the buzzer at the main entrance, children should say goodbye at the gate and enter school through the main door. Office staff are available, and your child's teacher will be waiting by the green door at 9am. School closes at 3pm. They do not need to wear school uniform but will need a packed lunch, drink and a snack. 

More information regarding lockdown regulations are below.

We are trying to maintain everyone's safety in these difficult times. Every family (including teachers) have loved ones that we want to see fit and well as we move towards the Springtime.

Next week I will circulate a survey but, in the meantime, do send any messages through to the office or your child's teacher, they will be forwarded to me. 

Kind regards

Susan Calvert