Working with Parents

Together we can make a difference

Parents are their child's first and most enduring educator. At Braywood we want to encourage and guide our parents' continual involvement in their child's education and to work in partnership with them. We value and appreciate the important role they play in supporting their child to develop a positive attitude to school and learning. We have an 'open door' policy where parents can talk to the class teacher on a daily basis.

This is done through regular contact and consultations so that a full exchange of information is possible. We provide annual curriculum meetings to discuss how we are teaching the children in school and how all parents can help. We have termly class meetings where the class teacher discusses what their child will be covering this term.

Parent consultations are held in the Autumn, Spring and Sumner term with appointments for private interviews. These coincide with the pupil – teacher consultations. Children in year 3 and 4 are expected to attend parents' evenings. 

An annual and mid-year report is given to parents, based upon continuous teacher assessment and clear targets are set for the coming year. Children participate in writing part of their report.

Homework is chosen to reflect what has been covered that particular week. Parents are invited into school at the end of topics to share their children's work Children have their homework posted on an electronic learning space or in a folder and have regular access to a wide variety of reading materials.

Good communication links are very important to ensure that a school runs smoothly. We have a weekly newsletter which is sent to parents electronically and posted on our website. Our website is full of information for new parents and our electronic learning platform 'my space' contains areas for parents, children, teachers and governors. It is a vital communication tool. All children have a 'home-school' communication book and 'family assemblies' provide more information. To support new parents we have an induction session and there is an effective transfer programme to the next school.

We value the role our parents have in contributing to school improvement through; completion of questionnaires regular review of our values and aims, evaluations of activities and general oral feedback.